Our exciting displays take you on a journey through Chelmsford's history, from the Ice Age, through the Romans and Anglo-Saxons, right to 2012 and the present day. 

The galleries bring the City's history to life, with lots of things to see, hear and do. You can see the remains of mammoths, discover how Stone Age people lived, what the Roman's did for us and see the Anglo-Saxon Prince who was buried in Broomfield.

In our galleries you can find interactive displays, immersive video and audio, games and more.

Tops things to see in these galleries:

  • The Little Baddow diadem: possibly the oldest piece of gold metalwork in Essex. It was imported from Spain in around 2,500BC
  • Birrus Britannicus: a model wearing a woollen hooded cloak from Roman Roxwell
  • Broomfield Burial: an early Saxon Princely burial found in Broomfield in 1888. This is on loan term from the British Museum
  • Reinagle Painting: An oil painting of the Shire Hall by Philip Reinagle showing how the High Street looked in 1794
  • Suzi Quatro's jumpsuit: The American glam rock star was famous for her black leather jumpsuits
20th Century room at Chelmsford Museum