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Reminiscence boxes contain objects that can be used as memory prompts, ideally for the use of carers with older people in care. It can bring pleasure, stimulation and meaning, and has the potential to lift depression and improve communication. 

Boxes include:

  • Make do and mend: Items related to cleaning, mending, bicycle repair, dressmaking, clothing and shoes. 
  • Going Out for a night: Shoes, clothing, stockings, photographs of local bands, theatre programmes.
  • Small allsorts box: Contains home items from the 1940s to the 1960s, including a Green Shield Stamp Saver book, CD Golden Age of Radio, and Blakeys shoe studs. Ideal for home carers. 
  • Wartime food: Foods rationed in exact amounts, ration books and wartime leaflets. 
  • Washing basket: Soap, washing tongs, Robin's Starch, advertising leaflets and clothing.
  • Toys: Mixture of original and reproduction toys. Ludo, a Rubiks cube, cribbage, Happy Families, solitaire, spinning tops and a variety of other toys people remember.