Explorer Zone at Chelmsford Museum

We have created an area in the museum where you can pick up resources to help your children explore the museum and park. All of the resources are free to borrow while you use the museum, we just ask that you return them at the end of your visit. 

Our Explorer Zone includes:

  • Explorer bags
  • I Spy trails
  • Percy's Park trail

Explorer bags

Pick up one of our Explorer bags, and investigate and interact with our displays.

For under fives

  • Story bags: these bright coloured bags are great for under fives. Each bag has a different theme, such as colours, shapes and hide and seek. The story bag contains a picture book, nursery rhyme, activities and trails.
  • A sensory trail bag is also available to support people with autism, though will also appeal to younger children. 

For pre-school and primary school children

  • Bee bags, for buzzing park adventures. these include lots of activities for the park and some in the museum. 

For primary school children

History Hacker bags: join the History Hackers on adventures around the museum and Oaklands Park. These bags include ideas and resources for specific activities. Each character is linked to specific galleries, exhibits or the park. You can choose to do all the activities in a bag (takes around one hour), or just do a few. 

We want as many people as possible to enjoy our Explorer Zone, so if you have more than one child, please take one bag between them. The activities in the bag are designed to involve everyone in a group.

And if you enjoy our Explorer Zone, let us know on our Facebook page