About Neighbourhood Plan consultations

Parish-tier councils, or other organisations, can take the lead in creating neighbourhood development plans, community plans and orders for planning in their area. We will help to create the plans, and make decisions at key stages.

Sandon Neighbourhood Plan

Sandon Parish Council has developed a draft Neighbourhood Plan for the parish and formally submitted it to us. 

It covers the whole of the parish, and includes planning policies on the environment, village character, development, open space and transport. 

Consultation on the Regulation 16 stage has now closed. You can still read the submission documents:

There are also three evidence documents, which provide helpful background information, and which were used to inform the draft Neighbourhood Plan (presented as one document).

  • Supporting Document A: Sandon – Character and Context
  • Supporting Document B: Environment, Green Spaces and Views
  • Supporting Document C: Road Safety, Traffic, Footpaths and Cycle Tracks

You can also find additional evidence listed at the end of the Submission Plan.


We have appointed an Independent Examiner to examine the Sandon Neighbourhood Plan. The Examiner is Andrew S Freeman BSc (Hons) DipTP DipEM FRTPI.

We have sent all the submission documents and the comments we received as part of the Regulation 16 Consultation to the Examiner. They will then decide whether the Sandon Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to referendum.

If we hold a public referendum in the area covered by the Plan, and more than 50% vote ‘yes’, we will adopt the plan.

Examination correspondence

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