Report a missed collection

You can only report a missed collection within 24 hours of your collection day. If your collection is on a Friday, you can report a missed collection on the following Monday.

We may not be able to return on the same day, but we will collect your missed bin by the end of the following day.

We do not make collections on Monday, so if your collection day is a Friday, our return visit will be on the following Tuesday.

You need to leave any recycling materials or bins out for re-collection at your usual collection point.

You cannot report a missed collection if you:

  • used the wrong bin, box or sack for your items
  • overfilled your bin, and the lid does not fully close
  • put out black sacks on top of, or to the side of, your bin (side waste)
  • refilled your bin after it was collected on schedule
  • live in a flat, as flats do not have a specific collection day (you can contact us to report a problem with collections from flats)

Issues with postcode look-up on the reporting form

If you are having an issue looking up your address on our missed collection form, we suggest you check the data you have entered.

You should not enter just a postcode on its own. You should either include your property number too, or use the first line of your address.

If you just enter a postcode, the system will only return the first 20 addresses for that postcode. This list may not may not include yours, which is why you should also include a property number.

If you have entered your information correctly but are still unable to find your address, you can contact us

Is there something wrong with this page?

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