Rough sleepers

If you are concerned about someone who you think is rough sleeping, you can send an alert to StreetLink.

Home Upgrade Grant Phase 2 (HUG2) is a new government grant scheme to fund energy-saving upgrades. It is aimed at people living in cold homes who are struggling with winter fuel bills. You could qualify for these upgrades if you have an off-grid gas heating system and are impacted by the high cost of energy bills.

HUG2 could help you to use less energy, reduce your carbon footprint and cut your energy bills.

Eligibility criteria

You can apply to the scheme if your home:

  • is heated by oil, coal, LPG or electric-only heating
  • has a poor Energy Performance Certificate score (we can provide a free EPC assessment)

In addition, you need to be a homeowner or private tenant, and:

  • have a combined annual income of less than £31,000, or
  • receive certain income-related benefits such as Universal Credit, or
  • be in an Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) area

If you are a landlord with four properties or fewer, you can also apply. You must contribute at least one third of the cost of the upgrades. We will agree this with you before work begins.

How it will help

The grant can fund a range energy saving improvements, which will help cut your energy bills and reduce your carbon emissions.

These could include:

  • insulation and ventilation upgrades, to keep you warn in winter and cool in summer
  • a low carbon heating system, such as an air source heat pump (which will mean upgrading any existing heating system)
  • heating controls, which make sure you only use heat when you need it
  • an energy efficient hot water solutions, to keep your water warm for longer
  • solar panels (PV) to generate electricity
  • energy efficient lighting, which is cheaper to run

We will arrange a survey and EPC assessment for you on your property, which will identify which improvements are suitable for your home.

How to apply

We will contact households we think are eligible for the scheme directly.

However, you can apply online or call the Energy Saving Trust on 0808 196 8255 if you would like to apply.

Funding is available until March 2025.

HUG2 onboarding information for installers

We have collaborated with the Greater South East Net Zero Hub (GSENZ) to implement HUG2. We are currently seeking installers for retrofit projects from the Hub’s Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). This opportunity is open to all PAS2030:2019, MCS, and Trustmark registered businesses.

Discover information about the DPS procedure and the criteria for installers

For any inquiries, contact the GSENZ online

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