Whatever your health and wellbeing goals, we'll have something to help you feel fitter and stronger, and move more easily.

Technogym Ride

Virtual routes, real gradients. When you want to improve your stamina, keep yourself engaged by immersing yourself in real routes on screen.

Side image of a man in lycra riding a stationary bike in a gym, while watching a large digital screen displaying a virtual route.

Technogym Excite Live Climb

Sculpt your lower body, build your cardio fitness, maximise fat burning and never struggle with a flight of stairs again!

Energetic woman stood on a piece of stairclimber gym equipment, holding the handle and performing a high kick

Technogym Skill Run

Designed for ultimate conditioning and performance, the skill run is like no other treadmill, with a number of in built programmes and the option to add resistance against your stride.

Skill Run2

Elite half rack

Incredibly versatile equipment to help you develop strength in your compound moves. Work on your squats, deadlifts, rows, presses and much more.

Exercise machine

Glute thrust machine

Works the posterior chain of the lower back, glutes and hamstrings, which is often under trained. Helps to strengthen back and core.

Exercise machine

45 degrees leg press machine

Increase the strength in your lower body, focusing on quads and glutes.

Exercise machine

The runner machine

If you want to gain speed and power when running, this is the ultimate machine to use to improve your performance.

Exercise machine

The squat pro machine

Trains legs, glutes and core to improve your squats and make you stronger, faster and more powerful. Challenge your leg strength and improve your squat technique with a lower risk of injury than barbell training.

A standing platform with padded shoulder rests providing resistance to your squats, and a screen to track progress.

Leg press machine

Engaging all the muscles in the lower body whilst being gentle on the knees. This leg press allows you to train each leg independently for a more balanced body.

Exercise machine

Lateral low row machine

Trains the arms, shoulder and back muscles. Keeps your core engaged while targeting and strengthening the upper and mid back.

Exercise machine

Technogym Multi hip

Improve strength and stability in the hip joint by taking it through all directions with controlled resistance.

A piece of Technogym equipment with a standing platform, two shoulder-high handles, and a padded lever with circular rotation. There is also a screen for tracking progress.

Seated calf raise machine

Being seated isolates the muscle, resulting in bigger, stronger calves.

Exercise machine

GHD and reverse hyperextension machine

Targeting the glutes, hamstrings and lower back, whilst improving core strength and stability.

Exercise machine

Adjustable multi bench

Essential equipment to work your chest, shoulders and arms. Offers a 6 position bar catcher and spot platform for challenging yet safe training.

A slightly raised foam padded bench with a separate flat-laying foam padded seat. At the base of each side are adjustors for height and incline. Above this is a barbell weight rack.

Assisted chin dip machine

Helps build strength and endurance in the upper body. Adjust the weight stack over time to reduce the amount of assistance, and build your strength and confidence to do body weight pull ups, chin ups and dips.

Exercise machine

Adjustable bench

Stable and easy to adjust, this bench offers 7 positions from -10 to a 75 degree incline to assist your free weight training.

An upright foam padded bench with a separate foam padded seat forming a V. At the base of each side are adjustors for height and incline.

Adjustable decline bench

Target your lower chest on the decline bench with exercises like the press or a fly. Comfortable foam pads help to keep you in the correct position.

A long foam padded bench with adjustable height. At the raised head is a foam hold for barbells.

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