14 Andrews Place


Born in 1901 and raised in the city, Florence Attridge joined her father at the prestigious Marconi Company shortly after World War I.

During her employment, Attridge witnessed the first wireless radio transmission, by Guglielmo Marconi, in 1920. Her role involved making key radio components, including the coils, transformers and inductors.

During World War II, Florence had progressed to the head of the coil winding shop, overseeing a team of women. Attridge helped assemble British Type 3 Mark II radios, which used specialist miniature components and were issued to spies and resistance groups during the war.

In 1946, Florence Attridge was awarded the British Empire Medal (civil division) for her contribution to the war effort. She stayed in Chelmsford, marrying John Hayes in 1950 and moving to Andrews Place in 1969.

Florence passed away in 1975 whilst still a resident of Chelmsford.

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