Marks & Spencer, High Street


William Strupar was a bookseller, stationer and printer. He launched Chelmsford’s first newspaper, the Chelmsford Chronicle (later the Essex Chronicle), on 10 August 1764.

He started the paper from previously vacant premises at 69 High Street, now Marks & Spencer. The first issue was given away for free, with following issues released every Friday.

The Chronicle contained four large sheets, printed in four columns, and covering both national and foreign news. The paper also included a section for local Chelmsford news.

Five weeks after launch, the paper expanded its circulation and was read over all of Essex and its neighbouring counties.

In 1765, Strupar partnered with Lionel Hassall to produce the paper. However, four months later, Hassall took sole ownership of both the paper and the premises, and changed the paper’s name.

Since this time, the paper has had many new owners and is no longer produced in the High Street. However is known to be one of the longest running newspapers in Essex.

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