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The Victorian School Loan Box includes the following items:

  • Teacher resources: ‘The Victorian Schoolday’ book, ‘Children in Victorian Times’ book
  • Sets of 19th Century style dip pens with steel nibs, ink, blotting paper, slates and slate pencils
  • Copy books
  • Framed picture of Queen Victoria
  • Bamboo cane
  • Two sets of finger stocks
  • Victorian schoolboy outfit (shirt, collar, tie, waistcoat, trousers to fit approximately age five to six)
  • Victorian schoolgirl outfit (dress, pinafore, sunbonnet to fit approximately age five to six)
  • Two photographs of Victorian classes
  • 24 illustrations of Victorian life with notes
  • Victorian classroom ‘old and new’ matching game

The contents of this box are all replicas as we intend children to use them to recreate Victorian school life.

Victorian school items