We want to ensure the green spaces in Chelmsford provide suitable habitats that help all wildlife.

From insects, to small mammals, to birds and bats, we want to be a good neighbour to all species. We encourage Chelmsford residents to also do what they can to build nature networks and support biodiversity.

There are plenty of ways to get involved in supporting local wildlife.

Our parks team runs a popular volunteering programme. Volunteers can support the our work and the environment in many ways. These include:

  • helping to manage habitats
  • surveying wildlife
  • volunteering in formal gardens
  • planting trees
  • assisting on a litter pick day
  • helping with the construction of new park features such as footpath bridges

You can volunteer as an individual, as a family, as a business or as part of a school or college.

The Love Your Chelmsford website offers simple tips on how to encourage wildlife into your garden.

You can help make green spaces friendly places for wildlife with small changes, such as:

  • creating holes in fences to allow hedgehogs to pass through
  • planting pollinator-friendly plants
  • building bird boxes and bug hotels

In Chelmsford, we ask residents to separate their waste is to ensure that the materials collected and sorted are of high quality. Recycling is fantastic for the environment as it:

  • saves energy from extracting raw materials
  • saves money in disposal costs
  • saves landfill space
  • protects our ecosystems and wildlife from the destruction and damage caused by extracting raw materials
  • conserves natural resources, such as ancient woodlands
  • conserves oil, which in turn reduces the amount of polluting single-use plastics in circulation

The Love Your Chelmsford programme helps to educate residents on the changes they can make to benefit our environment.

Whether that’s through making use of the cycle networks, or shopping second-hand in Chelmsford’s charity shops, there are plenty of ways to live more sustainably which in turn will help our local wildlife.

Beehives in Chelmsford

There is a beehive in Chelmsford Museum that the public can view. The museum is free to visit, and the beehive is one of its most popular exhibits.

The Domestic Honeybees fly to and from the flowers of Oaklands Park, collecting pollen to bring back to the hive and produce honey. The bees also help to pollinate the plants in Oaklands and the surrounding area.

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