A private water supply is from a source other than a water provider, such as Essex and Suffolk Water.

We are responsible for carrying out risk assessments on private water supplies and distribution networks, to ensure that the water supply is healthy.

Distribution networks (Regulation 8) require risk assessment at least every five years.

Large or commercial supplies (Regulation 9) require sampling every year.

Other private supplies (Regulation 10) require sampling at least every five years.

If the water supply is only for your property, we will not carry out risk assessments and monitoring unless you:

  • make a request
  • pay the correct fee

If we find that a private water supply is unsafe, we will investigate the cause and serve notice to remedy the supply.

You can contact us for more information about private water supplies.

Assessment and monitoring fees

A risk assessment costs £160 for four hours, then £40 for each additional hour. 

Sampling costs £40 per hour.

We will charge for analysing samples according to laboratory costs.

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