Are you interested in being an apprentice? Meet Jake, Jesse and Maddy to find out more.

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What do the other apprentices have to say?

George Barrand Wood profile shot

“I left college in 2021 and decided to do an apprenticeship because it allowed me to continue my education whilst gaining relevant work experience in my chosen field. I also saw it as the most approachable opportunity to get into work, as most other roles required experience or a degree.

“In most cases, it is a low-pressure environment where learning and improvement are the primary concerns. It’ll teach you a thing or two about time management as well, as you learn to balance educational commitments with work.”

Joan Ogiugo

“For me the best part of my apprenticeship is the journey. When you start the apprenticeship it can be a bit daunting having to come to work during the first days and not knowing so many things about your role and about your degree, but along the line it gets better and you just see yourself growing daily and constantly.

“The fact that you get to study at university and then practice in your place of work helps speed the learning process and makes it such an exciting journey to be part of.”

Joanna Minney profile shot

“I worked for the council in Financial Services for some years before deciding to change my career to software development and starting an apprenticeship.

“It would have been difficult to leave work and complete a degree full time, but the nature of an apprenticeship means I’m able to work, putting into practice all the things I learn while still earning an income. Once I’ve finished the apprenticeship, I will already have three years’ work experience, compared to other graduates, who may have little practical experience in the workplace.”

Simon Preece profile shot

“Whilst doing my apprenticeship I really enjoyed working with a different array of people; from those that had just left school, to people like myself, who had been out of formal education for 30+ years, and all walks in between.

“We all came together to learn about horticulture, which was a fabulous way of doing it.”

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