All taxis and taxi drivers must be licensed to operate within Chelmsford.

Operating without a licence is illegal.

Drivers without a licence don't have:

  • the appropriate training
  • background checks
  • vehicle inspections
  • correct insurance coverage

Additionally, as we can't regulate unlicensed drivers, passengers may experience:

  • fraud
  • overcharging
  • other criminal activities

If you suspect a taxi or driver is operating without a licence, you can report it to us.

How to identify unlicensed vehicles and drivers

A vehicle or driver may be unlicensed if it has:

  • a lack of visible identification
    • unlicensed vehicles may not display official taxi licence plates, decals or other recognisable identification marks
  • an absence of driver credentials
    • unlicensed drivers may not possess identification badges or official driver permits
  • unusual or unsafe vehicle conditions
    • unlicensed vehicles might show signs of a lack of maintenance or necessary safety features

How to report unlicensed vehicles and drivers

To report an unlicensed vehicle or driver, you must:

Note down as many details as possible, including the vehicle's:

  • number plate
  • make
  • model
  • colour
  • any other identifying features

If possible, take a photograph or video of the vehicle or driver for further evidence.

You should also document the incident, including:

  • the date
  • time
  • location
  • a description of the situation

Report an unlicensed taxi or driver

You can report the incident to us online.

You must include all the details you have gathered and any photographic evidence you have taken.

If you wish to remain anonymous during the investigation, you can leave the contact details blank.

Reporting any illegal activity is crucial for maintaining public safety. By using licensed taxis and drivers, you contribute to ensuring the safety, security and quality of taxi services in our city.

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