Changes to Building Control regulations

In October 2023, the government introduced changes to Building Control laws. These changes place new duties of competence on all parties involved, and also affect higher-risk buildings. You can read more about the changes.

Higher risk buildings

If you want to work on a higher-risk building, you need to apply to the Building Safety Regulator, and not to us or a private inspector.

If you are making an Application for Building Control Approval with Full Plans, you must include:

  • a completed copy of the relevant forms
  • plan and elevational views of existing and proposed work
  • vertical section through the building showing constructional details
  • information on how you are providing drainage for the building or extension
  • a specification detailing how you will comply with the regulations
  • a signed and dated statement of consent (if you are not submitting your own application)
  • full contact details of the principal designer and the principal contractor (if known)

Drawings must be in metric, to a scale not less than 1:100 and fully dimensioned.

Block plan

You must also include a block plan to a scale of not less than 1:1,250. The plan should be in metric measurements and needs to show:

  • the size and the position of the building, or the building as extended, and its relationship to adjoining boundaries
  • the boundaries of the curtilage of the building, or the building as extended, and the size, position and use of every other building or proposed building within that curtilage
  • the width and position of any street on or within the boundaries of the curtilage of the building or the building as extended


You will normally need to pay a fee as part of your submission. You can pay the full amount with your application, or pay the plan charge now and the inspection charge after your first inspection. If the work is solely to provide access and facilities for a person with a disability, we will not charge. 

You can see our charges and guidance notes for full details.

Planning permission

Even if you have submitted an Application for Building Control Approval with Full Plans, you may also still need to seek planning permission from us for the works. You can view our Planning advice and permissions page for more details.

Private sewers   

If your proposed work involving building over or within three metres of a private sewer, we strongly recommend that you contact Anglian Water.

How to apply

You can apply online using the online portal from Dataspace Live. You will need to register first if you do not have an account.

Apply now

Technical support for applications

If you need technical support with how to apply using Dataspace Live, you can call 01242 260505. You can also view guide-sheets and video tutorials on how to use the portal.

You should not contact Dataspace Live for advice on building control or to discuss a current application.

Further information

These notes are for general guidance only. You can find full details about depositing plans in The Building Regulations 2010 (Regulations 14) and the Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010.

If you need further information or advice, you can contact us.

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