If you want to carry out work on a protected tree, you need permission from us.

You can apply for planning permission via the Planning Portal, after you have checked if the tree is:

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You can make an application yourself, or employ a local planning agent or tree surgeon to help you.

If you need to find a tree professional, you can find guidance from The Arboricultural Association.

The Planning Portal is a nationwide system, and so we do not support it. If you have any issues with the Planning Portal, you need to get in touch with them directly, via the contact details on their site.

After you have submitted your application via the Planning Portal, we will:

  • validate your application, by checking you have submitted all of the required documents and drawings (we will contact you if there are any problems)  
  • notify neighbours and local parish councils, with a two week notification period for trees in a conservation area, and three weeks for trees covered by a TPO. (During this period, they can submit objections and comments.)  
  • assess the application, and you check the status of your application online. (You only need to contact us if it is urgent.)
  • write a formal report, where the case officer will recommend your application for approval or refusal 
  • review the report, where we will either make a decision about your application, or refer it to the Planning Committee
  • issue a decision within six weeks for trees in a conservation area, and eight weeks for trees covered by a TPO

You can appeal a planning decision if you disagree with it, or if we did not issue it within the eight week time frame (for trees covered by a TPO).

Before you appeal, you should contact us so that we can explain why we made that decision.

The Planning Inspectorate deals with all appeals, and you need to lodge your appeal with them.

You can find more information about appealing a planning decision on GOV.UK.

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