Deadline for 4 July election

The deadline to register to vote in the general election is midnight on Tuesday 18 June 2024.

Register to vote

You need to register to vote before you can vote in UK elections and referendums. When you register to vote, we will add you to the electoral register

You can visit GOV.UK to find out about the types of election, referendums and who can vote.

Unless your details have changed, you don't need to re-register for each election.

Changing your details

If you have moved house or changed your name, you need to update your details on GOV.UK.

Checking if you are already registered

If you want to check if you are already on the register, you will need to contact us

We can only give you information about yourself. We are unable to confirm anyone else's details, even if they are living with you.

If you are a voter living abroad

If you are a British citizen, you can register as overseas voters if you are now living abroad, providing you were previously:

  • registered to vote in the UK, either before you left the UK or as an overseas voter; or
  • resident in the UK

This also applies if you are an eligible Irish citizen, or a citizen of a Crown Dependency.

If you are an overseas voter, you need to register using the address where you were last registered to vote in the UK. If you have never been registered, you need to use the last UK address you were living at.

We will try to verify your application using historical records, but we may have to ask you to provide evidence to complete your application. This may include a bank statement or other letter for your previous address.

You can register online now.

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