You need planning permission for most building work, or if you want to change the use of a building or a piece of land.

However, you can carry out some work without the need to apply for planning permission. This is called 'permitted development'. The  Planning Portal explains more about permitted development.

Even if the work does fall under permitted development, you may still need planning permission, as your property may not have permitted development rights.

You can find out what permitted development rights your property has by:

  • checking with us
  • searching the planning history of the property
  • checking if rights have been removed by an Article 4 directions

We are not able to give you advice over the phone, as each property is different, depending on its location and history. We strongly recommend that you follow the steps listed on this page.

Get advice or confirmation

You can find advice on the Planning Portal, or ask us for advice. You can also apply for a Lawful Development Certificate if you want us to confirm if your work needs planning permission from us.

Other things you need to consider

As well as planning permission, there are other things you need to consider. This includes permissions, regulations and restrictions that apply to where you live or what you want to do.

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